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  • Stanley & Ollie

    Stanley & Ollie, our resident sausages, have been our family for 3 years now, follow their adventures in their own blog. Read More

  • Services

    We provide a full range of services, including long and short term stays, regular day care, walking and much more, all specifically tailored to dachshunds. Read More

  • About Us

    Welcome to Sausage Dog Hotel, the premier choice for those difficult times when your beloved sausage needs a home away from home. Read More

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  • Tara, London

    Sausage Dog Hotel is Roger’s favourite place in the world to be (other than home with me of course!). Long walks everyday, new toys, bones to munch on and best of all at least two other sausages to play with! I know his holidays are as good as mine!

  • Sara, London

    I am pretty sure he has a better time than I do when I go away!

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